Google Ads

Google advertising or Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising system offered by Google, which places ads both within the Google search engine itself and on other websites registered with the AdSense system (such as news portals, social networks, etc.). Users set the cost of Ads by specifying the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for each new visitor who clicks on their ad and visits their website.

Google Ads is used to:

  • Delivery of services/products to the market;
  • Sales promotion and optimization;
  • Customizing promotions.

The operating principle of Google Ads

google reklama

google reklama

Why should you consider turning to Google Ads specialists instead of creating an advertising campaign yourself?

While the Google Ads platform is indeed user-friendly at a basic level, this ease of use leads many individuals to create their advertising campaigns here. However, for beginners, effectively and competitively advertising themselves can be challenging, particularly in competitive industries, making the creation of a successful campaign a daunting task.

The primary mission of Google Ads specialists is to optimize advertising efforts to ensure that the money invested in advertising is purposeful and generates the greatest added value.

The most common mistakes made by clients creating advertisements are using inappropriate keywords, poor budget optimization, and creating vague ads that are not well-suited to the demands of the advertising market. As a result, they experience disappointment with the Google Ads platform, as it brings little benefit and leads to wasted money.

Google Ads and it’s cost

The more popular a keyword phrase is, the more websites want to display their ads for it in search results. If you aim for a higher ad position, you must: increase your bid price, improve ad quality, and/or enhance the quality of your page. Importantly, even if competitors offer a higher price, you can still secure a higher position if your ad is superior.

Each project is unique, with different competitors and target audiences, so providing a general Google Ads cost is nearly impossible. Contact us, and we will provide you with the most optimal pricing offer tailored to your specific case. The cost of managing Google Ads campaigns starts from $100/month.